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My Green Pod 'We'll tell you what you need to know' visual.


My Green Pod approached us to help them take their e-commerce to the next level after a period of good growth, without disrupting what was already in place or losing existing loyal customers. In particular they wanted a smoother online shopping experience, higher conversion rates and the ability to mix shopping with news and articles.


As always we began with a thorough review of their growth strategy and ensuring we understood the current landscape before making any changes. With everyone on board, we conducted a UX audit to better understand what their customers were doing and where they could improve user journeys to drive conversion rates. We then focussed on redesigning key pages throughout the site and incorporating new functionalities that would enable better growth.


The UX and design work we did here significantly improved the customer experience by enabling search functionality, re-building the site navigation, streamlining the process to purchase items and removing barriers to conversion. We were also able to ensure that the strong brand My Green Pod already had was being used consistently across the site.
My Green Pod desktop and mobile mock-up's showing UX work.
My Green Pod desktop and mobile mock-up's showing UX work.

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